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до 31.10.2016г.
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до 31.10.2016г.

Founded by Mr. Giulio Pedicone in 1976, LAS Mobili is one of the major Italian enterprises within the sector of the office furniture. Las Mobili’s mission is to improve the working conditions in the office by creating innovative furniture, characterized by the excellent: Quality-Image-Price ratio. Its headquarters, located in central Italy on the Adriatic coast, presents: 12 plants all in Italy, with a 250.000 m2 total area, whose 190.000 m2 covered, 350 employes, and its brand spread in 76 countries all over the world. Las Mobili is a company perfectly integrated in its territory of origin, where it represents an industrial reference point. Thanks to high-technology industry, the factory is able to produce 10.000 pieces per day (one every 3 seconds) and make 1200 deliveries per month.


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